Infographic. Physical activity for disabled adults

22 jan 2019
Despite the benefits of physical activity, in the UK many disabled adults live insufficiently active lifestyles.

Physical activity

They are also more likely to be inactive when compared with non-disabled people. For example, recently it was reported that 43% of disabled people did less than 30 min per week of activity, while for non-disabled it was 21%.1 Given the health and economic implications of inactivity, promoting physical activity to disabled adults and reducing participation inequalities is a public health priority.

In 2011, the UK Chief Medical Officers’ (CMOs) physical activity guidelines were produced for four age groups, from under 5s to older adults. However, with sparse evidence on physical activity for those with disability available, the guidelines omitted guidance for this group. In 2018, Public Health England (PHE) tasked us to review the evidence and, if sufficient, co-produce evidence-based recommendations about physical activity and disability in an appropriate format.

The review established various benefits of physical activity for disabled adults, such as improved quality of life.

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